Mesopotamia (land between two rivers) better known as IRAQ …currently Free Iraq is some 7000 years old. Being fourth generation in business & commerce might seem trifle compared to the Cradle of Civilization's grandeur. But then, who knows, in the ever lasting wars and conflicts that infested our country we might have lost track of our routes and, as such, the MAGAZACHI ( meaning the one who owns a shop ) family might have been there at those ancient times bartering nails for stones or sub-contracting to build mud-ducting to transport cool air generated from desert dry vegetations sprinkled with water from the Tigris or Euphrates rivers to the Towers of Babylon to refresh the ambient temperature of 60°C [130°F].

Today we refer to this Climate Control Solution as refrigeration and air conditioning, a profession we are well versed in: thus, a specialty of ours.

However, being American & Swedish educated one learned to diversify; so in time we added other activities into our Group of companies. Automotives, semi-trailers, refrigerated vehicles, prefabricated buildings and cold stores facilities, medical appliances and their disposables, power generation, railroad rolling stock and accessories to name a few.

Our local engineering company staffed with the most talented and able engineers & technicians tend to installing, maintaining and trouble-shoot malfunctions of the equipment that we sell 24/24 hours. With regional and global contacts we are able to outsource any product that you wish to import… No task is beyond our capacity..try us! We usually respond within 48 hours to your valued inquiries.

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