IRAQ of today is considered the most lucrative upcoming market on the globe.
For nearly a quarter of a century infested with wars and sanctions, the Iraqi economy is in a very bad shape, as a matter of fact in shambles. With the free trade era and the lifting of the U.N. and
U.S. sanctions Iraq can and is able to catch up with the world thanks to its vast resources in oil & minerals. This market needs all kinds of goods and services to re-construct its demolished infra structure including electricity, water, sewages, telecommunications, ports, hospitals. You name it!

The health sector is not to be envied either, aside from the bombing and destruction of the war; the looting that followed the collapse of the former government, everything has to be rebuilt, re-constructed and re-supplied from dialysis machines to ambulances, beds, surgical theaters etc. Roads and bridges need to be repaired maintained and upgraded as nothing of the sort was done in the last 15 years or more and during three wars. Goods of all kinds from Satellite dishes and decoders to mobile phones (these were forbidden items up to few months ago).

Raw materials for the Iraqi industries vanished leaving the factories idle. Having given you an idea of the tremendous potentiality of this promising market, Iraq today is THE FUTURE UPCOMING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY . So get on the train now! Get in touch with Your Link to Iraqi business and jump-start this rare bonanza; contact EFEMGEE today